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10 Best Tips To Avoid Heart Attack by Dr Gokhale

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  • Cigarette smoking is one of the major causes of heart diseases and heart stroke. More over 40 percent of all deaths from smoking are due to heart disease. A smoker's risk of heart attack reduces rapidly only after stop smoking for more than one year. Stop Smoking
  • Few foods increase the risk factor of coronary heart attack, while other may protect against heart attack. Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to Heart Disease. Fruits & Vegetables, some oils like Olive oil, fiber from wholegrain cereals, soy and nuts and tea may protect against heart disease.
  • Paying attention to your blood pressure is very important
  • Physical exercise is very good activity that maintains overall health and physical fitness. It is performed for various reasons mainly strengthening muscles and good for cardiovascular system and also includes weight loss.
  • Your body is made up of water, fat, protein, carbohydrate and various vitamins and minerals. If you have too much fat - especially around your waist - you're at higher risk for heart problems, including high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes. Prevent Obesity
  • Healthy lifestyle means maintain physical as well as overall health, engaging in sports and other fitness related activities. Healthy lifestyle mainly ensures a healthy body and keeps you free from sickness and heart diseases.
  • Yoga is mainly aimed at mental, emotional, physical as well as spiritual well-being, whereas Meditation can control the risk factors of heart diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Yoga & Meditation helps to keep body and mind healthy. Meditation & Yoga
  • Breathing and Relaxation exercises are mainly to help in controlling nervous system and making your body to relax and also protect from Heart strokes. Relaxation and Breathing Exercise
  • Screening examinations are few tests mainly targeted to find heart diseases before signs begin. The main goal of screening tests is to detect disease at earlier stage. Having cardiac test alternatively may reduce the risk factors of Heart diseases.

There are few Antioxidants which are naturally occurring molecules that mainly fight against the action of free radicals. These antioxidants help to prevent heart diseases and cancer. Fruits and vegetables are very good source of antioxidants.