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Dr Gokhale Timely Medical Equipment Donation to Gandhi Hospital

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As a helping hand to the resource-depleted Gandhi Hospital, Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale’s Sahrudaya Health Medical and Education Trust has donated the much needed medical equipment amidst the raging pandemic.

While the lockdown restrictions have made it tougher even for private hospitals to procure sufficient resources and equipment, government hospitals have to make do with the equipment at hand. To help equip government hospitals with necessary medical equipment for efficient medical service, Dr Gokhale’s Sahrudaya Foundation had decided to procure and donate necessary medical equipment.

Over the next few days, funds were raised, and the following equipment was swiftly procured and donated to Gandhi Hospital by Dr. Gokhale’s Sahrudaya Foundation:

  1. BiPap machines -10
  2. Stretcher Trolleys -50
  3. Wheel Chair-Rigid -50
  4. Disposable Face Shields with extra OHP Sheets 1000
  5. Phillips Dream station BiPap AVAPS25NB -5 machines, each with two masks (contact person for service -Mr Jonah -7702777405)
  6. Resmed air curve 10Bip machines -5 with complete accessories (contact person for service Mr Ashok-8106004701)
  7. Disposable face shields -300 each with 2 extra OHP sheets. 

“Given how Corona is ravaging our country right now, public healthcare needs all our support and assistance. And when the issue of medical equipment in the Gandhi hospital was brought to our notice we decided to pull all our funds and procure necessary medical equipment as quickly as possible. We thank the health care community for their efforts during the pandemic and this is how we want to show our gratitude” concluded Dr Gokhale, Lung Trepanation Surgeon in Hyderabad and Chairman of Sahrudaya Foundation.

  • Dr Gokhale Timely Medical Equipment Donation to Gandhi Hospital
  • Dr Gokhale Timely Medical Equipment Donation to Gandhi Hospital0