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Heart Transplantation

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When heart disease is advanced, they no longer improve with only medications. This is called Heart Failure and heart becomes weak. Patient will be breathless after a few steps or even at rest. They require frequent hospital admissions. This may be due to decreased blood supply to heart (coronary artery disease) or advanced valve problems. Then the only solution to such patients is Heart Transplantation- where in the weak heart is removed and replaced by a healthy heart from another brain dead donor. 10 yr survival is more than 70%. There are people who are living for more than 25years after transplantation. The longest survivor after heart transplantation is still living 35 years after transplantation in USA.

Dr.Gokhale did the first successful heart transplantation in the states of Telangana and Andhradvanced lung diseasesa pradesh in 2004. So far this team did 36 heart transplants. Dr Gokhale CT Associates also has the distinction of doing heart transplant successfully on a 69 year old man (oldest person to undergo heart transplant in India) in 2011.


heart transplantation in hyderabad
heart and lung transplant ward boy